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System for tracking and management of contacts information between people to comply to the anti-Covid19 regulations in force.

Social Distancing!

Impressively easy to use, with a high social utility value. This video shows a single application case of kontatto19 in the reception of a company.

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The offered system is designed to monitor, alert about, and store any occasion of contact that defies the "social distancing" stated by the rules in force.
It can be used in any place in which there are people for whom it is necessary to safeguard the health and safety of the whole context.

BLE Indoor locationing

Thanks to wearable devices provided with integrated BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) transmitters and receivers, this system makes use of the indoor locationing system to detect whether the distance between people is under than a given threshold, set directly by the Organization Management (for instance 1mt).

Movement tracking

Should anyone be found positive to Covid-19, the organization will be able to retrace any contact closer than the safety distance and immediately identify and isolate potential infection focuses.
At the same time, it will be able to provide to the correct institutions the data needed for a complete information.

Software Platform

The management software of the platform makes the event data visible and usable. In particular: date and time of the switch on/off of the device, date and time of any contact between the BLE devices.
The system manager can display the whole event history as well as transfer the events to an Excel sheet for further processing and analysis.

monitor movements within your company


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To monitor “social distancing” between people in work or entertainment places, it takes wearing BLE devices as a technological support.
When a BLE device comes close to another, the latter receives a signal from the former and measures its strength. This measure and its duration allow to assess the distance between the two devices and, consequently, trigger an alarm if it is under the set threshold (for instance 1mt).
The alarm consists of a sound and the blinking of a LED. At the same time, the contact is stored in the internal memory of the device.
All stored events are transferred automatically to a GATEWAY installed in the building when the BLE device comes close to it, in order to further process them.
The data acquired by the GATEWAY are sent over an Internet connection to the management platform, which shows history and characteristics of each event. For each BLE device, the information about the date and time when its contents were transferred to the GATEWAY are stored.



Safely meet people.

By using Kontatto19 you will be able to work with and meet people in full safety in any work or entertainment place, abiding to the social distancing regulations.

No infrastructures.

The system requires no infrastructure. It is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, with all of the advantages and limitation of such technology.

No risks for privacy.

The devices are assigned to employee by the proper department abiding to the company's privacy regulations. These information are not stored or managed by the software.

Respect the rules.

It is possibile to detect behaviors against the "social distancing" regulations and immediately provide, in case of infection, the information needed to know the people and number of people who came into contact, in order to proceed with the actions required by the rules and to inform the authorities in charge.

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The system is fully customizable. Both the distance and duration of contact with other people provided with a Kontatto19 TAG can be set.
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WAIV started R&S projects in precision agriculture, safety related to tracing and assisting people in danger, and finally it is carrying on an ambitious project in the healthcare field for the timely detection of melanomas.

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